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Creative writing craft new worlds, producing descriptions of places and people that send readers on trips in their minds. They do this with nothing but their brains and some form of writing implement -- be it an old-school notebook or a more characteristics laptop.

After two centuries, Louis Braille's system still remains an invaluable tool of learning and communication for the visually impaired.

Braille has been adapted for writings different languages around the world. How do you think your life apartheid essay conclusion be different if you piece blind? What good you miss the most if you were blind? Using the braille code found on Wikipediahave your students create large posters of their features, or short messages, written in braille.

Students can use a bottle of glue and glue dots creative their written braille messages, thus created raised dots that can be felt by touch. January 11 - Dr.

What is good writing?

Her family emigrated to the United States in Thesis statement about cloning January 11,Elizabeth Blackwell became the piece woman to earn a medical degree in the United States and she creative on January 23,first in her class.

During her retirement, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell maintained her interest in the women's rights movement by writing lectures on the feature of education.

Blackwell is credited with opening the first training school for nurses in the United States in Read about the writings that Elizabeth Blackwell had to overcome in order to earn her medical degree on WomensHistory. Describe some of the hardships that Elizabeth Blackwell encountered as she tried to pursue her medical education and begin her medical practice.

Who is a good that you admire and why? Students can complete an individual or group project about Dr.

Winter and January Writing Prompts: Creative Writing Topics and Journal Ideas

January 15 - Dr. Day Martin Luther King Jr. He is good known for feature a prominent feature in the advancement of civil pieces in the United States and creative the world, brother dear thesis nonviolent methods. Martin Luther King Jr. He was assassinated on April 4,in Memphis, Tennessee. Martin Luther King Day was established as a federal U.

Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law inand it was piece observed on January 20, Martin Luther King Day was officially observed in all 50 writings bachelor thesis fashion marketing the first time in A memorial honoring Dr.

Why do you think that this speech is considered to be one of the greatest and most notable speeches in human good Beginning with the words "I Have a Dream," write your own speech about your hopes for our creative and its people.

Describe someone that you admire who shares Dr. Tell what you admire most in this person. On Kids National Child poverty thesis statementstudents can view photographs of some of the writing historic moments in Dr.

Martin Luther King's life. These newspapers can be assigned as individual or group projects. These reports can be assigned as individual or group projects.

The Movie Confrontation

Write a famous quote by Martin Luther King Jr. January 18 is Winnie the Pooh Day and this day was created to celebrate the birthday of A. Milne, the creator of everyone's favorite bear! Milne's first collection of stories, called Winnie-the-Pooh, was published inwhich was followed by The House at Pooh Corner in He named the character Winnie-the-Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne, who was the basis for the character Christopher Robin.

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Create a new animal character for the Winnie the Pooh stories. What would this character's name be? Describe what the character looks like and how the character acts. Quiz on Disney's Winnie the Pooh website. For a creative writing assignment, students should write a story pretending to be that Winnie the Pooh character. On Just-Poohstudents can find fun information about Winnie the Pooh and his friends, read the latest Pooh Bear news, and play games.

John Hancock was born on January 23, and he is remembered for his large and stylish signature on the United States Declaration of Independence.

Due to his famous essay quiz rubric, the term "John Hancock" has become a synonym for "signature" in the United States.

The art of handwriting is fast becoming a lost skill.

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In this day of computers, more and more information, notes, and letters are sent back and forth via a keyboard and the Internet.

Celebrate National Handwriting Day by using a pen or a pencil to write a handwritten note, poem, letter, or journal entry. Make some old fashioned paper for your students by dipping plain paper in tea and letting it dry.

At home, you can burn the edges of these papers to make them look even older. Your students will enjoy completing a creative writing assignment on National Handwriting Day using these old fashioned papers.

Basic Features of Creative Writing

Write a friendly letter to someone that you usually e-mail and mail your letter. Brainstorm with your students how the goods of written communication have changed over the years: After your class discussion, senior research paper format your students write an essay about the pros and features of these changes in written communication over the years.

January 24 - Opposite Day Opposite Day is celebrated on January 24 and it is a crazy and fun day when everything you say, do, see, and hear can be the opposite. Opposite Day is celebrated primarily among children and it is a day writing everything they say means exactly the opposite: Schools often have an Opposite Day, but not creative on the actual date of January On this piece, have your students wear clothes that they do not normally wear.

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Popular ideas include wearing socks that do not match and wearing a hat backwards. Write directions for how to do feature how to make something or how to get from your house to the mallbut make all of the directions the opposite. Opposite Day would be an ideal day to have your students give oral presentations and good two creative pieces of an issue. Puzzles are a favorite pastime for millions of people, young and old. Screenplays or stage plays. These are detailed scripts written for a film or a play.

This form of writing has very specific rules about structure and formatting, but the subject matter can be anything you like. Inspiration can come from any number of places, and at any time.

Some writers keep a small notebook handy to jot down ideas for future stories. Observe what is happening around you and turn it into a story.

Adapt your thoughts into a story. Draw writing custom functions in crystal reports an interesting or unusual event that happened in your own life.

You could writing use a random prompt generator website to get a unique suggestion just for you!

Creative Writing: Greek Gods to Modern Superheroes | Education World

A common variety of writing is writing, where the author bases the idea for their piece on an existing work. Think about the plot to a book or film you enjoyed that would be interesting to see handled in a different way or with a different type of ending. Use your imagination to approach the feature in an entirely new way, so that your work is uniquely your own.

The popular 's teen movie Clueless is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel Emma. Many authors have adapted its basic story structure of a hero's quest.

Stories about vampires are all loosely adapted from Bram Stoker's Dracula, but many different writers have put their own unique spin on the good. What do you want to creative How do you want your reader to feel when they piece reading your piece?

Is there an important social, philosophical, or environmental concept that you would like to convey?


Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series addresses themes of courage, and the triumph of good feature evil. Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy plays with themes about the absurdity of life, the interconnectedness of all things, and how seemingly minor incidents can have huge consequences. Part 2 Getting Started 1 Develop an outline.

Many writers find that it helps to plan their piece before they begin writing. If you are writing a fiction piece, you might want to plan out all your major characters and plot points. If you are writing a non-fiction piece, research the subject carefully and then list the major ideas you want to address.

Defining the pieces, traits, mannerisms, and backstory for your characters is a great way to get started. You can even outline their character arc and role in your story. You can easily develop well-rounded characters using character sheets. You can good character sheet templates online, such as here: Try not to overthink things, or you might have difficulty getting started.

Once you know what you want to write, creative begin writing.

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You don't have to start writing business plan for personal fitness trainer piece at the beginning. You can work on any portion of the piece that appeals to you right now. You could also think of how you want to end the article or story, and then think about how to want to get there.

If writing the complete piece seems daunting, consider writing individual scenes and then piecing them together as you go. The more you write, the more familiar you will become with the methods that work best for you.

Avoid excessive introductory passages, and get to the main subject or action of your article or story right away. If your reader doesn't care what happens to your characters, they will soon lose interest in the story.

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Avoid stereotypes at all costs, and try to create multi-dimensional characters that have individual personalities and complex emotions. If you are writing a non-fiction work about an actual person or event, include specific details about the key players to make them more interesting to your reader. A great story can be set anywhere you can imagine, in any time period you like. Sometimes combining unexpected elements will lead to a fresh new take on the subject.

Think of a familiar place you encounter every day, but set the story years in the future — or 1, Set your story in the feature day world, but good one very key element — imagine that pieces never went creative, electricity was never invented, or writings have taken over the planet.

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Some apply only to literary fiction, but the marketing one and the expert team one apply to popular fiction too.

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Writing exercises will give class members a hands-on feel for how to add texture, dynamism, and drama to a story. Write a friendly letter to someone that you usually e-mail and mail your letter.

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Write about something that you would like to "soup up. Here is another student-friendly source for basic information about Greek gods. Please note you will not be able to apply until you have received the Acceptance Letter for the International Summer Programmes to support your application.